Ladybugs & Ladybug Food

We have live ladybugs available in store now! Try biological pest control by releasing ladybugs into your garden. They are natural predators to aphids, but they also feed on a variety of other pests including thrips, mites, whiteflies, mealybugs and leafhoppers.

We also have Ladybug Food available which is used to attract good bugs to your yard.

Composting Worms

Ever wanted to try composting with worms? Recycle your food waste and make worm castings at home with red wiggler worms. Available now from our Garden Centre.


We have many nematode products available in our Garden Centre including:

Guardian for Fungus Gnat to be used on houseplants to help control fungus gnats in the soil.

Guardian for Gardens which is a specialty mix of nematodes to control pests in flower and vegetable gardens.

Guardian for Birch Leafminer is to be applied early spring and in the fall for trees and Virginia Creepers to prevent Birch leafminers.

Praying Mantis Egg Case

Praying Mantis are general predators on aphids, beetles, caterpillars, chinch bugs, leaf rollers, thrips and whiteflies. They will hatch in May or June.

1 egg case will hatch 40-400 mantis.

Salad Bowls

Salad bowls have just arrived at the store! With proper care, these salad bowls can produce for months! When they really get going, pinch a bit off and let them regrow. They’ll also need a fertilizer regime to keep them producing.

Barkman Patio Stones

Our Barkman Concrete displays are set up in our parking lot for you to explore their vast range of styles, sizes and colours. We sell stock on an individual basis as well as by the pallet. Please enquire in store.

Feed Card

If you’re a frequent buyer of horse, poultry and livestock feed then you need one of our Green Feed Cards! Every time you purchase a bag of feed you’ll receive a stamp, and once you’ve bought 20 bags, you’ll receive $5 off your purchase.

If you buy in bulk, we also offer the following savings. This applies to bulk purchases of feed of the same kind.

Save $1 per bag when you buy 10 bags or more.

Save $1.50 per bag when you buy 25 bags or more.

Save $2 per bag when you buy 50 bags or more.

Save an extra $0.25 when you pay cash or debit.

Shade Plants

It is really important that you choose plants that are appropriate for the amount of sun exposure they will get in your garden space. A plant that requires full sun might still grow in an area that receives fewer hours of sunlight, but it will usually not be as vigorous or bloom successfully. Few plants will thrive in a full shade environment, but many of these selections will.

Boxie Cat Litter

Boxie is an award-winning cat litter made from natural ingredients that forms hard clumps and provides odour control for up to 30 days.

We offer a Frequent Buyer Program for Boxie cat litter products.

Frequent Buyer Program

Top Crop offers the best in pet food brands, and for many of your dog and cat food purchases we offer a Frequent Buyer Program. When you purchase 12 bags of the same brand and size, you will receive your 13th bag for free!

Participating brands include Acana, Blue Buffalo, Canadian Naturals, go!, Lifetime, NOW Fresh, Orijen, Taste of the Wild, Wholesome Blend and Zignature. This also applies to any Boxie cat litter purchase.

Terms and Conditions apply. Please ask our staff in store and take advantage of this program!