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Colour and Foliage

From annuals to perennials, containers to water plants – each year, the greenhouses at Top Crop are overflowing with colour and foliage. Starting in the early spring, you will find just the plant you need and there are new and exciting additions throughout the season. We carry ornamental plants, from primulas to supertunias, hostas, peonies and ornamental grasses. In addition, we offer a large variety of edibles with the highest yield, the best taste and the highest success rate, whether they are for a large garden or containers on your patio. Our expert staff can help you find just the right plants for all parts of your yard and garden and give you advice on how to best care for them.

When gardeners talk about annuals, they mostly refer to plants grown outdoors in the spring and summer and surviving for just one growing season. Annuals provide colour and vibrancy to your garden and transform a simple planter into a mass of blossoms. From the cool-season primulas and pansies to sun-loving marigolds, stunning supertunias, ornamental grasses and even fall-blooming mums, we have a bloom for every season and every part of your garden.

Staff Pick for 2012: Callibracoa or superbells now come in great new colours: ‘Grape Punch’, ‘Cherry Star’ and ‘Miss Lilac’.

Perennials grow and bloom over the spring and summer and then die back in the fall and winter. The next spring, they return from their root-stock. Perennials have become quite popular over the years with money-wise and water-wise people. Unlike annuals, you only have to purchase these plants once and many perennials require much less water than annuals which often need to be watered daily. At Top Crop, we have a great selection of perennials, including daylilies, hostas, delphinium, phlox, peonies and ornamental grasses.

It is extremely rewarding when you can serve a meal made from fresh, home-grown fruit, vegetables and herbs. Whether they’re grown from seed or come ready to plant in your garden, you will not get any fresher and any tastier than this. We carry a large selection of herbs and vegetables, and every year, we look for the newest varieties with the greatest yield, the best taste and the highest success rate. This spring, keep your eye out for the Mighty Mato™. These grafted super tomatoes carry a higher yield of top quality fruit, they are more pest and disease resistant and tolerant to poor soils. Whatever you are looking for, our experts can help you create your very own food garden.

At Top Crop, we offer everything you need to create stunning container gardens for your patio, deck or garden. Choose from our huge selection of pots, planter and baskets and browse our annuals, perennials, grasses, shrubs and small trees to select the right combination of plant material for your containers. Our custom container service is the answer for those who just don’t seem to find the time to plant their own pots and baskets. Give us your ideas and wish list of plants and colours and our talented staff can design and plant attractive containers and hanging baskets for you. All you have to do is take them home. We can even arrange to change them seasonally for you.

From annuals to perennials, from herbs to vegetables, many plants can be grown from seed. At Top Crop, we offer a large selection of seeds, from your classic favourites to unique heirloom varieties and organic choices. We also have all the things you need to get your seeds growing into beautiful and healthy plants, including potting mixes, fertilizers, planting trays and more. We also carry seed potatoes and onion sets. In spring, we offer a great selection of summer-flowering bulbs, from dahlias to gladiolus and echinacea. In the fall, we bring in spring-blooming bulbs, such as hyacinths, daffodils, tulips and crocus, to get you set for the next growing season.

Looking to branch out into a new area of gardening? Why not try creating your own water garden? Throughout spring and summer, we carry a complete selection of water plants for your pond, restocked regularly by leading aquatic plant growers. We have marginal plants, water lilies, floaters and oxygenators and tropical water plants. And if you are looking for inhabitants to enjoy the healthy pond you created, we also have pond fish. Even if you don’t have room for a large pond, water gardening can be the right adventure for you. All you need is a suitable container, such as a half barrel, a galvanized bucket or even a large ceramic pot, a nice sunny spot and a few nice water plants to build your own colourful and fragrant water garden.